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Wir artikulieren Studierendeninteressen gegenüber der Hochschule, organisieren Veranstaltungen und bieten Seminare an.

Di. um 18 Uhr
Raum 41 Le

All Students are welcome


Küche & Getränke


Critical Diversity

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Happy new semester!

We’re cooking Thursday evening!

Come by from 6 to around 9 for vegan fried rice, hang out for a beer too or take it with you to eat at home!

Semesterticket SoSe 24

The new Deutschlandsemesterticket starts on Monday, April 1st.

-> You can’t access your Semesterticket yet?
The administration told us that they will probably be done transferring the required data of all students to hvv by Monday, 01.04. You should be able to use your ticket then.

-> Your ticket doesn’t work on monday or the following days?
If you want to contact someone about it: you can contact the students office
and us.
We can’t directly help you unfortunately, it is up to the administration to finish the data transfer. It would still be good for us to get informed as well because we represent the student body in our further conversations with the hvv.

-> You know students without a digital device (so without a valid ticket from monday on)?
please tell them that they should contact the student office AND us


Nowruz Celebration 2024

Dear fellow students,

we are overjoyed to invite you all to our Nowruz celebration event

on Tuesday 19.03, 9 pm
at Room 23, Lerchenfeld 2

Prepare to immerse yourself in a delightful ambiance filled with vibrant music, delectable snacks and drinks and embrace the spirit of Nowruz as we partake in cherished traditions such as Setting up the Haft-sin.

Join us to count down until 4:06 am on March 20th (Spring equinox), when we will enter the ُNew Solar Year and celebrate the arrival of the spring.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Nowruz Pirouz!🪻
19/03/2024 - 20/03/2024

Student Safe Space Regarding Palestine and Israel

The past and current events regarding Palestine and Israel are devastating.
That is why we first want to stress again the need for acknowledgment and remembrance of all victims on all sides.
We feel it needs a space in school to talk about how these events affect us in and outside of hfbk.

Therefore we invite you to the student only, self organized safe space as a collaborative practice of learning to put ourselves in relation to each other regarding the events in Palestine and Israel and how they make us feel right now, here.

On Friday, January 19th
At 1pm
In R23 Le

We will provide an **awareness concept, set our **collective conditions together and discuss, what is **needed for us to benefit and feel safe in the event. The safe space will be **moderated by people from AStA, but shaped by all students participating.

Again, we want to encourage us as the student body to first of all especially think of and remember all victims of terror and violence, and further to find ways to talk about how those events make us feel affected in and outside of the school- explicitly aiming for tolerance for getting together in solidarity AND in disagreement -, sticking to **non violent communication **especially without antisemitism and any kind of racism.

**you can get in conversation with us via our contact form.
We also have a letter box on our door (R41).
Texts that reach us on friday or later will be read after the event.
Any text will help us to get in touch with more perspectives as the student representation in the institution. All information will be handled non-publicly and anonymously.

1 pm
Introduction for approximately 1 hour with impulse for dialogue practice
  • Introduction
  • Our collective conditions and needs for access
  • Open tee break situation

2:30 pm
Conversation part moderated by AStA people

4:00 pm
Eating together, processing, reflecting, ends around 5 pm

The moderation will take place in english, but feel free to join the event in your language, we will try to help translate.

Yalda night nocturnal togetherness

We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating the passing of the longest night of the year.

Thursday, Dec. 21st,

Room 23 (Living room),
Lerchenfeld 2

What to expect:
  • Aash (a delicious and wholesome soup to warm your soul in the winter night)
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (provided partly by us, but feel free to bring your own.)
  • Live Music
  • Poem fortune-telling and dancing the night away with some epic hits!

This event is organized by AStA of HfbK in collaboration with the Living room and a group of volunteer students.

Yalda Night
[/Yal-dā/ /naɪt/] (noun)
(Persian: شب یلدا Shab-e Yalda)
An ancient festival celebrated in Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Tajikistan and other parts of the world on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. In Yalda night it is customary to take refuge from the darkness and remain indoors with loved ones, and to welcome the new light by staying up as long as possible. It is believed that, with the sun’s triumphant rise, our days will shine brighter and longer with hope and good will. On this night, friends and family gather together to eat, drink, celebrate and read poetry (especially by Hafez) until well after midnight. This particular way of staying awake together until dawn is called “holding the night alive” (a literal translation for Shab Zendeh Dāri شب زنده ‌داری ) in Persian language.